Surface Analysis and Imaging

Surface Analysis techniques suchas x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), contact angle analysis and various microscopy techniques are used to investigate the chemical and physical make-up of samples.

Areas where this can be especially useful include:

SIMS Analysis of Implant Screw

    •        Pollutant Species
    •        Corrosion Studies
    •        Alloy Composition
    •        Polymer Discolouration and degradation
    •        Photovoltaic Components
    •        Additive Distribution





XPS Spectrum XPS analysis allows determination of chemical state information from the outer 10 nanometers of a surface.


 SIMS provides compositional data from the outer 1-2 nanometers of a sample.


Both techniques can be used to analyse conducting or insulating samples.


XPS SIMS Techniques


Please browse our published papers to see the applications of these techniques.



Contact Angle AnalysisContact angle analysis measures the surface energy or 'wettability' of a surface, and can indicate the effectiveness of, for example, coating or plasma treatment processes.




Micrograph of Owl's Feather


Winnats can provide guidance on the most appropriate analysis methods.

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