Other Areas

Winnats is experience in arranging multi-technique investigations, providing support for production-line problems and undertaking analysis of raw ingredients.

Spectroscopic analysis can be carried out over a wavelength range from the ultraviolet (200nm), through the visible spectrum and into the infra-red region.


Information which can be obtained includes:

  • Compositional information by FTIR analysis, including comparison with IR library spectraJasco V670 Spectrometer
  • Concentrations of solute in solvent
  • Determination of colour on various scales (CIE L*,a*,b* etc)
  • Analysis of liquids and thin films
  • Diffuse reflectance of solids and powders
  • Total luminous transmittance



SEM Mineral  SEM / EDX analysis can provide imaging of surface structures and chemical information.

Multi-Layer Coating


Dynamic SIMS (depth profiling) is a good means of comparing thin coatings on known substrates. Absolute thickness measurements can be determined by use of reference coatings of known thickness.


Corrosion SpeciesSIMS Imaging can provide visualisation of the distribution of surface species.


Gloss MeasurementMeasurement of surface gloss can be made at any of three standard angles (θ).


Microscope image

Examination of samples by reflection or polarised light microscopy enables visualisation of surface features. Use of transmitted light gives information on inclusions, and features such as stress in rigid polymers.




Other analysis techniques are available if required in investigations.

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